Crossfire Not Open in My PC

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Now I can't play Crossfire because of a problem with my client and I uploaded a video and a picture to explain the problem

Please Help Me! :( :( :'(


    1. Close any other running programs, such as: chrome, Kite, android emulator, Vanguard (as the Valorant anticheat may interfer with game and not allow to start). From a total of 8 GB Ram you are using 69% with no CF game running, means you have around 2,4 GB RAM free to run CF Game.
    2. In order to start game, open patcher_cf.exe as administrator:

      But i don't see this file inside your game folder, you may have other missing files, therefore you need to made a clean game install as described herre :
    3. If still not work then send a support ticket.
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