Sniper Week: Aug 16 - Aug 22

Attention Mercenaries,

This mission is not for amateurs or beginners, it's only for elites. Take your position, hold your breath and be ready for Sniper Week!

From August 16 to August 22, complete the following objectives to level up on your Mercenary Pass with limited contracts.

Defeat 50 enemies in Sniper Mode Only Games

Collect 15 headshots on Sniper Mode Only games

Complete 10 Sniper Mode Only Games

Play 60 minutes Sniper only games (August 16 -17)

Play 60 minutes Sniper only games (August 18 - 19)

Play 60 minutes Sniper only games (August 20 - 22)

It's that simple! But that's not all you'll get!

As always with Sniper Week, knock out these objectives and you'll be promoted to take the Sniper Week Ribbon!

We have one more surprise for you, complete level 56 of the GP Mercenary Pass to earn 10 AWM Collector Crates .

Games must be completed and Password Protected rooms do not count.
Ribbon will be delivered within 24 hours when all Contracts are completed.

Eye exam may be required for this mission!
CrossFire Team


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