August Update Patch Notes - 8/4/21

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August Update Patch Notes - 8/4/21

Arcadia – Zombie Mode

Get ready to face 5 new stages of hell. All ranging from waves of enemies, defend the objectives & fighting Bosses. Fight the mighty Megalith in its own domain, or fight against the ever-evolving Ivy, who may come back as a taller and stronger enemy. Fend off against her and all her minions for your chance at victory!

Vepr – Rampage
A new mode brings a shiny new weapon to be collected. Collect enough pieces to acquire this new weapon temp or otherwise. The Vepr Rampage can be awakened for more damage, more ammo & a stronger charged firing mode.

Fighting against her in Arcadia may prove difficult, but play enough, you’ll have a chance to play as her. Her abilities help a lot with the new Arcadia Zombie Mode. You may find her next to unphased by flashes or even seem like she has unlimited ammo, it's her secret to keep.

[Closed and Reopened Maps]

Boss Battle - Event Mode
Boss Battle is back with this update. Square off with your opponents using the very Bosses you team up to fight!

  • Battle Arena (Boss Battle) - Opened
  • Skyscraper (Knockout Mode) - Closed
  • Big Head Mode - Closed


  • Fixed an issue where Friends List Group names appear blank at lower resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where M4A1-C-Tagged zoom has no reticle
  • Fixed an issue where AA-12-Xmas is categorized as a RIFLE in Storage
  • Fixed an issue where MG3-Ultimate Gold is categorized as a RIFLE in Storage


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