Ranked can’t move mouse untill first dead?

Whats up with that?

and you can see it in the loading screen, When youre mouse starts flickering.

Can’t move the mouse (can’t aim) until youre first dead?

Kinda sucks because its a free round for the enemy..


  • My guess on what causing this problem is the weapon ban screen in S&D somehow also appearing - yet invisible - in 1v1 , this happens when you are diamond or higher in S&D and going against someone who is lower than diamond , so the weapon ban screen locks your mouse - same as when you type in chat by pressing enter - while the other player doesn't since there isn't weapon banning below diamond , you can also see that the round timer is bugged at 00:00.

    Losing a free round was a bit annoying but you knew you were matched against an easier player so it was mostly a good sign , unless of course the other player was smart and evil enough to damage you every round instead thus getting an easy win while wasting your time.

  • skyybluskyyblu Holy Mage

    well, they fixed it. now you can't play ranked at all hahah

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    Pleased to see your issue as I think I have the same problem, The solution worked for me thanks to the community and the members for the solution. Myloweslife

  • Don't play if you only have 30 min before you have to go.
    Don't play if your computer keeps crashing.
    Don't play if your internet connection is unstable.

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