Lagg and freezing

Hello team, i have a problem, if you can help me please, i played these days crossfire on eu servers, and in every match, i have several freeze screen and i cant understand why, my pc build is i3 9100 f (4 cores), amd rx 580 8gb ( graphic card), and 16 gb of ram ddr4. Please help me. Thanks and have a nice day.


  • SeKToRzSeKToRz Beginner

    find the IP of the servers its not hidden I just can't remember it then run a ping ip -t command see if your ping spikes run it for 10 minutes
    ping ipaddress -t
    ^command enter the server ip instead you can also port forward the cf ports via udp and tcp just search crossfire ports in the help bar to find that thread other than that only way i see that happening is what happened to me wifi signal deterioration wifi operates over certain frequencies and if you're too far away from it the signal drop will look like a freeze in game if you do all this
    port forward
    runa ping command to server
    and if you still have issues it might be the servers

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