Hi, I have a problem.
I am the owner of this account and I have access to the email address of this account.
When I want to verify my email address, the verification code is not received from my email account. Please help me!


  • any GM around here that can or could help me with this matter! Old email but i have access on it! Yahoo yes! sooo help meee

  • No , I waited for more than 24hours and never spam it! its not sending anything! and also i send a few ticket and most of the gm that handles the situation said that im still missing some of my information which is annoying!!!

  • I have a problem iam the owner of this account but i don't remember my hotmail's password so i can't verified my account please help me to verified my account without using hotmail account abecause i lost it.

  • I forgot my yahoo email and I cant verify my acc I try using my current gmail acc but they ask me to access to my old acc first
    I know I should sent a support ticket but does it for free or I have to pay money ?

  • @[MOD]ShadowRo said:
    Login website with your account -> send support ticket -> submit a ticket -> account administration -> select "Change email" and complete all fields that have a red * and other fields where you have correct info, where you don't remember write N/A .
    AND if you are able to provide enough correct info support will require for a new email and future instruction will reply on your ticket.
    IS free, no need to pay.

    This is great advice! Very honest and practical. I really enjoyed this post. Nice post!!

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