AbyssZM clan need you

# AbyssZM
Why we make this clan for ZM?
When we was no clan and join some players in Void and all new Maps of ZM we always got kicked.
My brother told mw why not we make our clan and welcome everyone that love to play ZM maps so we make this this clan also we used the name of new map.

Do we got rules?
Yes only a few...
1. Do not used cheat or any 3rd party cause you don't need it.
2. Do not ask money from other players that they ask you to play some ZM rank or other maps of ZM.
3. Be friendly with other players.
4. Try to get M4a1-s-lazer if you need help to get it let me know.

Do I need to change my IGN?

No, but if you can change to [ZM]Your name. ( like me [ZM]LazyCF )

I think that it so welcome to AbyssZM clan also I am sorry that i type bad English :blush: .
If you want join discord: AbyssZM Server

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