verify email !

How can i verify my acc when i lost passwords for the old email??
I go to options to change my email but tells me to going old email for change


  • [GM]WhiteOwl[GM]WhiteOwl Beginner

    If you can't access the email you have linked to your Crossfire account then please send a ticket to Account Administration and ask for an Email Change. You will need to create a new email and we will link it to your Crossfire account. Please, be aware that an Email Change can be done only if you provide enough information about the account and every 90 days.
    Thank you!

    Link to Ticket Service:

  • bbsben1234bbsben1234 Beginner
    edited June 8

    Hey WhiteOwl, just to piggyback on this thread - I have literally zero idea what my email address even is. I've been playing cf on and off since 2009 and want to update my email to a current one. How do I go about changing my email if I don't even know my original address? I understand that this might not even be able to be done, but I want some peace at mind that I can recover my account if need be.

  • [GM]WhiteOwl[GM]WhiteOwl Beginner

    I'm happy to provide you with more information. You can create a new account (it is free) and use it to send a ticket about the account you are trying to recover. Hope this helps!

  • bbsben1234bbsben1234 Beginner

    Cheers, will do that. Thanks.

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