A message to CrossFire West players


I don't know English and I write through a translator, don't judge too much...
And if someone sees my topic in a place where most players will not find it there, then for knowledgeable people about the forum and where it is better to leave notes, copy and write it where a lot of people will see it. THANKS!

Hello, tell us about your localization. I would like to know about the pros and cons.
Let's go in order.
1). Your spec pc? What is your fps? How often do you have lags in the game (not due to ping)

2)Tell us - where do you live, not only a strange but also desirable region, what is your ping? how much ping affects the game and does it cause problems.

3)Knowledgeable people about online players.
Tell us what time of day (depending on your country) you have online players.

4)Tell us if, for example, your FPS is less than 150 (for example 100), does such a ping prevent you from playing comfortably? how it affects shooting.

5)People who have a ping from 80-90 to 150-200.
Tell us if you feel a problem with the game?
Do you ever have such that when shooting you do little or no damage at all? Do you ever have such that the enemy does not see you, but you still die from him behind the wall?

Perhaps this will be seen by the administration of CrossFire West.
This is a question for you. If people ask you to add servers for Russia as well, will you go to meet these players (and is it even possible to do this?


  • I believe that this should be posted at CF barracks

    1- I7-9750h , GTX 1660 ti mobile and 16 gb ram dual channel

    2- MENA region ( Egypt to be specific ) , my ping is 60 ~ 70 in EU alpha , bravo & charile and 40 ~ 45 in delta and foxtrot

    with this ping most of my shots count ( as long as im tap firing ) and rarely die / take damage after getting in cover , airborne do tank more shots than usual

    3-I usually play around 2 PM and 11 PM , one server is full most of these times

    4- my fps is around 170 ~ 190 with occasional FPS drop but nothing serious I also have a 144hz screen and it's so much better than my old 60hz , it really makes shooting easier and overall experiance better

    5-when i started playing cf 7 years ago my ping was around 120 ~ 140 , most of my shots didn't count and airborne enemies are basically invincible , so I leaned towards sniper and knife matches , also people with low ping (50 or less ) killed me alot faster for some reason maybe because they were just better at aiming , and yes alot of deaths behind walls.
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