Criminals in Sweden are getting a bit rash

I just read a pretty funny news-article from one of the larger newspapers here in Sweden.
Ok, maybe not so funny for the victim, I would have been terrified myself.

Apparently 2 chop-shop thieves didn't even wait to steal the electric-bike in question and get back to the workshop.
Instead they begun hunting the guy on the bike with an Angle-grinder.
I don't know if they were trying to take the bike apart while running or if criminals are trying out new weapons.:D:p

Wasn't that long ago some idiot ran into a bar with a chainsaw, because his friend had been thrown out.
Maybe power-tools are the new thing among criminals.


  • jamesfitjamesfit Beginner
    Each fantasy works in its own way. Apparently, someone decided that power tools were the most effective in their business. I don't even know whether to be indignant or laugh.
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