VIP Cup - April 2021 - Team Registration

Attention Mercenaries! Welcome to the VIP Cup!

We are now accepting new registrations for VIP Cup April.
VIP Cup is our tournament where ALL WEAPONS are allowed!
Register your team now to secure a spot.
Please read ALL of the below information before registering.


1st Place - 500,000 ZP
2nd Place - 300,000 ZP
3rd Place - 150,000 ZP
4th Place - 100,000 ZP
5th~8th Place - 50,000 ZP


Registration : until April 21, 2021 @ 8 AM Eastern Time

Tournament Date/Time : Sunday, April 25, 2021 @ 11 AM Eastern Time

Teams should be online 30 minutes before 11 AM Eastern Time.
Teams should also be online and ready to play as the next round of matches will be created as soon as they are available.


Teams will be accepted based on a 'first-come-first-served' basis and information completeness. Teams may be denied based on the needs of the tournament.

The captain/lieutenant MUST join the CFWE Discord, to be invited to the #vip-cup discord channel to see additional info.

In order to register your team, please respond to this thread with your team details, using the below as an example.

IMPORTANT: The captain/lieutenant should also add the corresponding GM and esports admins as a friend on discord before match day so match rooms may be created on time.
(see details on VIP Cup discord channel)

Note, any changes to the team past the registration period will not be allowed.

Team Name: GM Team
Team Logo:

Captain Discord: GMCaptain#1234
Captain IGN: [GM]Captain
Lieutenant Discord: GMLieutenant#1234
Lieutenant IGN: [GM]Lieutenant

Team Profile Links: (5 players + 1 sub)

Additional details are available on the VIP Cup web page.
Tournament Rules and Brackets can be found here.


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