HMX Pro Playing.

d4nisIotd4nisIot Beginner
Hello, I come to suggest something, I'm an old player from 2009. When I play, I see HMX specially Mass Mutation i see a super competitive game with lots of oportunities, I'm complaining that, the usage of mutants specifically introduced for some maps, (like they were back then), are being used in super unappropriate ocasions, breaking a lot of HMX games, and maps. I suggest that you add a feature where it lets you choose before when making the lobby, which kind of special mutants can be used, for ex: Dawn Village- Standard are Green Mutant, Xeno, Fire T, and Demon T. You could choose which of the special mutants: (Dread, Maiden, Jiang Shi, etc..), You could use in that specific game. Had to stretch out the argument a little bit, so it looks like it has some effort being put to it.. Bless y'all's days. And help bring Crossfire to the full potential that it has!


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