CFOL Qualifiers 2021 - Team Registration

Attention Mercenaries! Welcome to CFOL!

We are now accepting new registrations for CFOL 2021.
Register your team now to secure a spot for the qualifiers.

CrossFire Open League (CFOL) will be our 2nd division tier of competitive play in CrossFire West for 2021. Similar to CFEL, the 8 teams that qualify from all over the CFWE regions will play against each other over a 3 month season and compete for cash and ZP.

Teams will have opportunities to fine-tune their skills and strategies through a 2 month, double-robin format and then battle it out in a double elimination tournament to determine what teams will make it into CFEL Season 2!

Teams must consist of players all from a similar region. Example: NA players cannot team with EU/MENA Players.
*Note: If you are not able to commit to playing a 2 month double round robin that occurs on Saturdays, please do not sign up for these qualifiers. CFWE region restrictions apply.*


The top 8 teams will be selected to participate in CFOL Season 1.


Registration : until March 22, 2021 @ 8 AM Eastern Time

Tournament Dates/Times:
Saturday, March 27, 2021 @ 11 AM Eastern Time

Teams should be online and ready to play as the next round of matches will be created as soon as they are available.


CFOL Qualifiers will have a max of 64 teams so make sure to secure your spot!.
Teams will be accepted based on a:'first-come-first-served' basis and information completeness.
Teams may be denied based on the needs of the tournament.

The captain/lieutenant must also join the CFWE Discord, to be invited to the #cfol-qualifiers discord channel under the competitive section so they can see additional info/rules/process/brackets.

In order to register your team, please respond to this thread with your team details, using the following as an example:
Note, any changes to the team past the registration period will not be allowed.

Example Post:
Team Name: GM Team
Team Logo:

Captain Discord: GMCaptain#1234
Captain IGN: [GM]Captain
Lieutenant Discord: GMLieutenant#1234
Lieutenant IGN: [GM]Lieutenant

Team Profile Links: (5 players + 2 subs)

Additional details are available on the CFOL webpage.
Tournament page can be found here.


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