March Update Patch Notes - 3.9.21

March Update Patch Notes - 3.9.21


Market Town – Search & Destroy

Hey! On your way to the market, can you make sure to stop by the Waterway for some fresh water. Be sure to take the Bridge Room on your way back home, the Connecting Road gets a little busy around this time. If you got the time, be sure to defuse the bomb on your way back.




Introducing a new VIP family, Roxy!
Roxy is the code name for this group of stylish mercenaries. With a strong personality, they are not just showing off their tattoos but command the battlefield with a confidence that can be overwhelming.
Throw some kicks!
Throw some knives!
And be sure to throw out an Emote!

9A91 – Wild Eagle

The 9A91 family welcomes another addition to its armory.

The smallest rifle in the world, 9A-91, however, don't let its size fool you. This weapon is made in Russia with the latest technology and can be transformed into 4 different modes for any battle situation.

With 4 different modes, you will be ready for a multitude of situations while equipped with this gun.



Coupons Refresh

Clan Expansion Coupon
AK-47 Camo 7/30 day
AA-12 7/30 day
Ruger Bisley-Ultimate Silversmith
AWM-Ultimate Silver
M82A1-Royal Dragon-Ultimate Goldsmith
MP5-Ultimate Goldsmith
Knife-Ultimate Gold

AK47-Trumpet 7/30 day
Artifact Enchant 5EA
Kriss Super V-JHP-Silver 7/30
Golden Winchester
RPK-Gold Permanent
Anaconda Gold
M4A1-C-Ultimate Gold
AWM-Ultimate Gold
Dual Karambit Ultimate Gold


Season 14 End - Season 15 Start

Enjoy those season end rewards.
Be sure to bandage those wounds and bask in the Glory of your hard earned Honor Points.
We would love to see you come back for Season 15
We got daily season rank missions (Stages 1 - 3)
Newly revamped Knife Mode!


Fixed an issue where there was a killzone in a playable area on Refinery
Fixed an issue where the ZM ranked leaderboards did not update


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