Disconnected from server. (3025_4)

Every 3 minutes I get this error message: Disconnected from server. (3025_4)

maybe someone knows what that means and what I can do about it?


  • same problem i have added my game to exceptions, i have nothing that can block the game or smth, i have tried to reinstall the game and it just helped me that i get that error every 8-10 mins im about to quit this game
  • same problem
  • hey guys, i think i have solve my problem by updating windows so just letting you know maybe it helps
  • nvm, i have been able to play one full game without error and now i got it after 3 rounds, strage wasnt worth to put any money in this game.
  • iZULASiZULAS Beginner
    I have the same problem. wouldn't be used. it was solved when I ran it as a manager, but it's the same problem again. I don't think deleting and reinstalling it will solve the problem. I think the problem is definitely with the server. I'm really sorry I spent money on this game.
  • jshjuzhsaufjshjuzhsauf Beginner
    instead of creating new weapon skins they should fix their trash server
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