when do you intend to fix it?

We ate -40 today. While playing frozen absy again, 5 of our teammates, respectively saw disconnect. and the last mm server failed error. eh for 64 bit I only use positive response for the first day There was MENA before, at least when we bought DC, we would go there.Now the Na server is also beating. though our teacher had a word Wherever I fix it, another place is broken. Is it too hard to pull it to 1.0 and relax the game Is it too difficult to fix Florans drop FPS, is it too difficult 1.0 means HD. Is it very difficult guys, dear users. We will do maintenance in the game within this month Close the game for 1 week Is it too hard 5v5 Rank is starting the match game 5v5 bit I was watching the game before. It gives a pleasure in between I do not watch it yet because everything is involved except the match. Now I have cf I said let me enter a little bit, the guy threw the RPG in the Rank match, kick in mutant mode, F16 in sniper mode, you are a very serious producer. you will actually lose more users. write down a few events I saw today The first one is the man kicking the mobs on crater dawnda, the man using the sniper like mg, the man throwing 100 bombs with sr burning shot in zm2, sheep mode map in knife mode The man who killed the sheep and the whole ffa map Ffa maps of several Grand Marshall accounts Leaving Afk I do not know how long you will watch.But a little suggestion is to stop bringing skins, stop bringing VIPs Every update we bring makes the game more ruined . :mad::mad::mad:
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