Your client is invalid version


I have an issue with crossfire, I've installed it 3 days ago and now it shows me an error "Your client is invalid version". Then I searched and found that the problem with the version.ini file in crossfire location.

So I need someone to copy what is written in that file and paste it here in a reply to compare between the minimal version and latest version.

And if someone know what is the solution for this issue, please tell me.


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    Here is a topic about version.ini and latest version:
  • Yes I read the article, I just need what is written in version.ini file to change the latest version and minimal version in my file. If crossfire is working with you well please send a screenshot or copy the text written in that file "version.ini".
  • Clearly you not read carefully the topic i give you ... on second reply is updated text from version.ini ... just scroll down a little more.
  • swadow that topic is not available you can put again because the same error i have with the version client

  • Link fixed, should work now.

  • I only thought I was having such problems.

  • outcastroutcastr Beginner

    Dont work... all time bug bug bug game closed. amk evlatları 2009 dan beri oyunu 1 adım ileriye taşıyamadıınz annzi gtnden skim hepinizin

    1. Use only english
    2. First you need to be sure your game is proper updated, then carefully read topic about version.ini, manually update latest version THEN you need to work from windows security policy and DENY WRITE for USERS and ADMINISTRATORS , this way noone can modify version.ini , i tested many time and work fine if you set policy as required.
    3. This error happen when your PC receive outdated version.ini ( and is not from game or from z8 server ) seems to be from ISP side as ISP deliver you wrong file.
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