Abusing the report system

I don't know who can help me but I'll post this here anyway I think others should know about this, I'm getting banned because someone got screenshots of me insulting and he keeps using it to get me banned, I understand why I got banned for the first time in DECEMBER, Since then I never insult anyone and I do believe everyone who does the same should get banned, I even report others who insult too, But now he's using the same screenshots again from another account to get me banned, And not just me, He has folders of screenshots of other players and he uses it to get them banned whenever he wants.

THE SCREENSHOTS ARE OLD BUT HE CHANGES THE DATE OF THE FILE TO THE DATE HE'S GOING TO SEND THEM AT (You can see that he said that himself in the screenshots here : https://imgur.com/gallery/fvgZiE0 )

If someone of the GMs could compare the screenshots from the first report against me made by AhmedHafez. and this one made by ]D[aNgEeEr.v (His second account) you can see that it's the same screenshots because since I got banned the last time I never insulted anyone !!!!!!!

How is it fair that I get banned again because someone is abusing the system and playing god ?
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