AMD graphics card = crap FPS on crossfire dhää

So long story short, I bought a new pc a few months ago (Ryzen 5 2600,MSI AMD Radeon RX570 8GB, 8GB RAM) and I noticed that i wouldn't get 200 FPS neither in FFA with 16/16 players nor in Ship 16/16 which of course sucked. I used to get above 100 FPS up to 150 in a full FFA room, but after the almighty 64 bit update... my FPS decreased (60-70 FPS stable)! I really hope you find a solution to this thing guys since a lot more people have the same issue.

By the way my dear MODs I have already tried to update my drivers, I have changed every possible setting there is and I have cleaned my PC up, so do not even try to find excuses in order to avoid hate towards the game engine. :)


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