February Update Patch Notes - 2.2.21

February Update Patch Notes - 2.2.21


Tulou - TeamDeath Match

A new TDM comin' acha. This new team vs team arena will have you battling out in the courtyard. Take a top or bottom view, whichever will give an advantage on the competition.




Sheep Yard
Barnyard Blitz


King Mode


February update introduces the new Honor Marshal leveling system.
There are rewards to be earned, and exclusive items to be had.
With new frames & even characters, there are a lot of ways to show off to your friends.
Good luck on the grind to that max level (500).


The Introduction of x64 bit for all CrossFire players.

[Bug Fixes]

Fixed an issue where kicking VIP Battlepass players had a incorrect message
Fixed an issue where a couple of VIP Characters had incorrect assets on VIP page
Fixed an issue where Stockpiles Tactical maps where shown incorrectly
Fixing an issue with Frozen Abyss games not showing up on profiles


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