Account recovery

Hi is there a chance i could recover my account i was trying to sell it but ended up getting scam and hacked its been almost 2 years please..


  • You are not allowed to sell your account according to the terms of use:
    3. Account Buying/Selling/Trading

    Z8Games does not allow the buying or selling of its property. This includes but is not limited to accounts, items contained within accounts or any other virtual property created within its games. Accounts may be suspended or closed if investigated or caught participating in selling or the promotion of account selling or any other solicitation involving account or item buying/selling.

    This probably resulted in your account to be permanently blocked, in that case recovery is not possible.
  • You have no chance to recover your account like mine was stolen and these bastards did nothing about it but stupid answers to my tickets.
  • You are not allowed to sell ur account or buy accounts, read the rules first.
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