Old School Reunion Tournament (OSRT) - With Prize

**CHANGE**Reducing this to 3 other teams. Hopeful we can get 3 other teams to compete against us. We can do a round robin with top 2 facing off in a bo5 the next week.
**CHANGE**Reducing this to 3 other teams. Hopeful we can get 3 other teams to compete against us. We can do a round robin with top 2 facing off in a bo5 the next week.
**CHANGE**Reducing this to 3 other teams. Hopeful we can get 3 other teams to compete against us. We can do a round robin with top 2 facing off in a bo5 the next week.

This tournament will give players still lurking a chance to relive the old feelings of playing in Crossfire tournaments with the OldSchool Reunion Tournament! With prizes!

Old School Reunion Tournament (OSRT)

Welcome to OSRT, hosted by Daniel.

The goal of this league is to provide a fun tournament with an "old school" feel (No armour allowed, bandicam, NA server).

Questions are encouraged.

Basic Format
This event will be a double-elimination tournament, composed of eight (8) teams.

OSRT will begin on a date not yet specified on February 2020. This will be a 4 week tournament. Time of matches will be settled between the 2 teams, and the default time is 9PM Saturday.

1st Place: $1000.00
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: Nothing..there's only going to be 8 teams.


Anticheat Bandicam: Must record on 40 FPS, full sized. Nothing less.

1. Team Regulations
1. Each team may consist of up to nine players (Gives people a chance to have enough show up, since there aren't much actual teams right now).
2. Invited teams must finalize their rosters one (1) week prior to the beginning of OSRT.

2. Weapons, Items, Maps
1. Map Pool: Ankara, Black Widow, Mexico, Port, Sub Base.
2. Weapons: M60, MP5, P90, M4A1, AK47, AUG, SG552, AWM, XM1014, Colt1911, Desert Eagle, P228, M66, Anaconda, USP, Knife, B.C.-Axe, Grenade, Flash, Smoke Grenade.

3. Items permitted: Bags 1-4, Grenade Expansion Kit, C4 Setup/Defuse Kit, extra ammo items that are not other weapons. NO ARMOUR ALLOWED. This is an old school tournament set to give a 2010-2015 feel to it.

a. VIP weapons are not allowed to be in tertiary bags.
4. Characters permitted: GP Characters (including 2.0).
3. Matches
1. A "Match" is determined by the best of three (3) "Maps".
a. A "Match" ends once a team has won two (2) "Maps".
2. Map Format: Five versus five (5v5) Search and Destroy, First-to-ten (10) CFS scoring.
a. Each half will nine (9) rounds.
b. In the event that a tie (9-9) occurs, A First-to-four (4) overtime will occur.
i. Each half will be three (3) rounds.
c. Overtimes will repeat until a winner is determined.
3. Room Format:
a. Sixteen (16) person room, 1st view enabled, side switch enabled, 10 rounds selected.
b. Room password locked privately shared between the two teams and officials.
c. Teams will meet in the North American 5 Server, channel 8.
d. Room name must be in the following format: "[OSRT] team1 vs team2"
e. More on server / side selection below.
4. Anti-cheat will be the bandicam 40FPS full size. Uploaded to YT at request of other team (max 3 players can be chosen to upload only).

5. After the Match
1. Each team will be required to submit their final score in the OSRT score submission thread (tbc)
a. Screenshots of each half (including overtimes) must be included in the submission post
6. Pauses and Grace Period
1. 2 grace periods, each 5 minutes long. Can be used back to back, or whatever.
a. Matches must begin at the stated time, with penalties or extensions granted at the officials' discretion.
2. Each team has three (3) separate five (5)-minute pauses per match.
a. These may be used at any time before, between, or during Maps.
b. A pause may not be called in-game after a player has taken damage within a round, or after more than twenty (20) seconds have passed within a round.
c. If a player is idle after a pause is called, round loss will not occur for damaging said player.

7. General Practices
1. Permitted:
a. Boosting
b. Double-jumping
c. Asian-walking
d. Playing matches with only four (4) players.
e. S-hopping
f. K-hopping
8. Penalty (at the discretion of the official)
1. Use of Open Chat (F2).
2. The use of a spray that effects the game.
3. The use of a weapon or item not permitted within these rules.
4. Leaving the match and rejoining before the two (2) minute mark.
5. Planting the bomb in an area it is not visible.
6. Defusing the bomb through objects (line-of-sight must be maintained).
7. Glitching.
8. Utilization of a 1-way mirror or spamspot.
9. Utilizing 16 bit color settings (all players must utilize 32 bit).
10. Utilizing VPNs or Connection-rerouting software (such as WTFast or a Proxy).
11. Not properly utilizing programs provided by the tournament officials (Blackbox).
12. Detection of programs that provide any kind of assistance during a match.
13. Failure to show up on time for the match.
14. Bribing or attempting to bribe an official.
15. Disobeying instructions given by any official.

The 3 maps will be chosen by me and the order they must be played in. Knife for sides.




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