Top 10 players All time (Remade)

1. Speculate - claims he was going to go to China 5 years in a row, never made it because of his team lacking in performance.
2. *LightWolf (aka merkz) - One of the best money puggers of all time. Made a name late in his career and made more money in 2 months than most people did in 7 years of playing.
3. Pyrex ( aka Jadeb) - Known for his big youtube fame, didnt rlly make it in the CF competitive scene, but still one of the greatest gun reviewers on YouTube to this day.
4. Desper - Was known for his sniffing tendencies on xfamousx's streams. Claimed to be the best awper in NA but struggled to awp against players like Mark, Kingzzz, Schmoop.
5. Remy7 - Best known for being a blatant cheater. Still does to this day on games like Valorant/CSGO. Made $9000 dollars total in 6 years of playing time.
6. LugLumpy- Probably one of the most infamous cheaters to ever play the game. He tends to come back to the game every 6 months after his ban is over and compete just to get banned again.
7. Wizdom - Great Boxer.
8. Reus. - Known for camping A Long barracks on Blackwidow for 2:30 until the game was over. Would not move until team has made a clear callout that it is B site.
9. michaeldrk - best player online. AFK at LAN. Unlucky.
10. TastyLimes. - Legend.

Please let me know what you guys think of my list in the comments below and let me know if any changes need to be made.


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