Need tipps for void rift boss

The void rift boss sometimes places his hammer on the ground and summons his dogs. When they run to the hammer and touch it, a shockwave appers and instantkills everybody. Do you have any tipps how i can avoid this?


  • Once the summoned pets reached the hammer, the hammer will flash number of lights. You can shift immediately after the 4th flash and you can dodge it.
    Before the patch, you can dodge it many times, but you can only dodge it once now, because of shorter cooldown times from the attack of the hammer's light wave.
    Don't know why they decided to change it and without a announcement.

    Here are the other things I personally learned form playing void;
    The beam attack from the flying Meteorite/rocks; Watch the void's hand. His body stay still after summoning the Meteorite/rocks, but once he moves his hands the beam attacks will happen. So shift and move away once he moved his hands.
    The best area to land head damage is on the left front corner and as close to the void as possible without getting yourself into the red attack zone. Place your aim/mouse at the void's chin and near the neck, so all your bullets will land on him and not missed. I don't recommend staying at the center or the right because of the void's head movements when he swings his hammer; Very easy to miss some shots if you're aiming at the head and not standing on the left.
    When he summons his shield and you have to destory the rocks, don't stand right next to it. IF you do, once its explodes you will be raised up in the air until he finishes his up coming attack.
    Curse damage happens once the void boss is summoned. If you have 5 void curse skill or less, shift as often as you can to avoid damage and to live longer. Of course, save your shift/dodge ability before he is about to attack.
  • Have good team-mates
    All should have good-weapons
    Play to stage 10, so you have great stats
    Never play without at-least a handful of revival tokens.
    Destroy the hammer before he summons the dogs.
    Save any special-shot for the hammer, if your team is too weak and can't blast it away in 5 seconds with regular shots.

    If you are prepared, this is the easiest ZM map.
  • He doesn't recommend too much void olay now aComplete once is enough2 or 3 people can play Before the boss, if you can get 5 revenges or higher, you will probably halve the first 3 bosses.If you use laser, the boss will die before half of it is finished Scorpion's little mobs can bother you easily and While throwing mobs, press the shift, let go All mobs become You don't have to do what everyone else did in the final boss. Cut the life in half and press the laser will probably lose 200/100 health like 250x when you raise your hand If you have a recommendation 2 person shotgun playing long Bill start 3 and higher mag Long billiard beat right or left. You need to When you call, press the + skill to empty until the f skill ends, the only sleep boss you will see in the game Boss gets up and falls asleep He gets up and falls asleep again :) come easy:
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