Best Way To Spend ZP!?!!!?

Yo Yo,

What is the best valued item to purchase with ZP in your opinion?

Crates? a specific gun? weapon upgrades?

Thanks fam!!!!!!


  • If you have to much Money, spend your ZP on the Black Market/Slaughter tickets.
    If you want 100% a gun -> Buy a VIP. (Weapon or char)

    This Weapon upgrades are useless. (my opinion) :rolleyes:
  • VIP's, other black-market stuff, that isn't crates.
    If you don't own all of the coupon weapons, crates might also be an alternative.
    Depends on what you want, need and can afford.
  • Also worth considering would be a Character purchase.
    If you like to play in Zombie mode? then I would say buy the Florence character as it has some great in game enhancements.( special weapons and Team boosting capabilities ).
    Also look at the Mercenary Pass every month and check what Permanent weapons are being offered for completing the missions. ( That will cost you 30.000 ZP which is a small price to pay for permanent weapons ) You will also earn a lot of crates along the way to completing the mission. ( A lot more crates for your ZP than if you were to purchase them separately )
  • Weapon upgrades would be my choice. It will help you overall. But it depends on what you need or want as per your skill set.
  • CecilAvCecilAv Beginner
    almighty77 wrote: »
    Weapon upgrades would be my choice. It will help you overall. But it depends on what you need or want as per your skill set.
    navy seal then 120k gp then buy any gp gun u want and then if u have left over zp just go to the BM.
  • To me it seems like the new titanium beast package would have most value when bought full price. But I’d recommend waiting for Black Friday before spending some serious cash.
  • I will give you a piece of advice, free of charge:

    I was a player (and Super Moderator in CFES) who had large amounts of ZP for a long period of time (5 years).

    My advice: Please, don't waste your ZP on the black market (it doesn't deserve it). Many weapons will be archived in your inventory (it will only be a temporary enjoyment).

    If you want to spend ZP, it is best to buy VIPs (weapons, chars, items), although many VIPs will be archived in your inventory full of dust and cobwebs as well. If you want to buy crates, take advantage of the promotions, but NEVER buy them at their regular price.
  • +1
    Probably the best advice you will see on this forum.
    Oh to be able to change time and start all over again.
    I started playing in 2009 and resisted buying any VIPS for 8 years. In retrospect I wished I had bought them from the start and saved a hell of a lot of cash.
    I only ever bought My VIPS when there was a promotion and also paid for them when there was a 50% bonus on ZP purchases.
    It doesn't have to cost a fortune to own VIPS. Much better than to waste your money on crates.
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