Newbie to CFCL

hi guys. i need help/input here for my setup.

i just got the ryzen 5 2400 to replace my previous intel 4400. To go along with it, i have 3 rx580 laying around and decided to install it for gaming.

my mobo is the biostar tb350-btc AM4, preciously used for mining, and that makes it compatible with the ryzen purchased.

I only play diablo 3 and now am trying to install mac auto c****** Modern Warfare for a change.

question is, does anyone know if i could run crossfire on the mobo? i searches for answers but couldn't find any. it'll be a waste if so. I'm trying to not buy a mobo that will cost me more money.

setup: ryzen 5 2400 12gb ram (8gb+4gb) 3 RX580 Golden Red Devil 1,200 Thermaltake PSU

thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom
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