ZM - HK 417 Relic

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what is the fastest way to get the HK 417 Relic permanent? I played today around 15 games Elemental Temple on nightmare and I got no piece for the weapon..
What must I do? Just finish the game? And on which map can I get the pieces, and which map is the fastest to collect them ? I now only Elemental Temple.


  • I think just playing elmetal Tempel.

    As I know you need to farm a lot for it.
  • Titan Citadel map is the fastest way to get it,when you defeat boss there is posibility to get pieces according to Rank :
    SS Rank = 15 pieces
    S+ Rank = 10 pieces
    S Rank= 5 pieces
    A Rank= 3 pieces
    and you can get pieces from Void Rift
    S Rank = 5 pieces
    A Rank = 3 pieces
  • Like ahmadkill said
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