Mass Mutation Ruined By Devil Terminator

CreegisCreegis Beginner
As to why I personally think Devil Terminator has ruined the mode.

First off no one even chooses Evil Terminator fireball execpt for a few most of the time it's 4 devil terminators and when there's a Evil Terminator they were either afk or they wanted to scatter a few people.

Second a 16k Raid Boss that has a skill to be immune to all damage I'm not saying it should be removed but can you limit the number like maybe only the original Xeno can become a Devil Terminator.

Melee Attack is so wide you can't even miss it on purpose it comes down from above so easy head shot without trying Xeno Has a dot while this one is 2 curves they don't even aim at you and somehow hit you.

You almost never see the Commandos or Master Hunter win unlike in the past it's either by time or the Devil Terminator is laggy or just plain stupid since there's 4 of them.

Not saying to remove it just limit it to at least 1 maybe 2 even then that's too much 4 makes it barely playable I can literally wipe all of the Master Hero's and Master Hunter's in a matter of seconds just 1 devil terminator since his melee attack is so wide and fast with his speed boost on top of it.

If you think I'm boasting no your wrong it's just how broken Devil Terminator is while Evil Terminator you can't just rush them since your not immune to damage and your melee attack is more like a needle not a Aoe Nuke.

At this point even if all remaining Soilders like 8 of them turn into a Master Hunter and play hide and seek 1 good Devil Terminator can probably wipe them all out imagine 4 which by the way we currently have.


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