crossfire game is dying and we are worried?


We are somewhat concerned about the game, we want to know if they let the game die or if they try to make it come alive.

a lot of people have stopped playing,

because of hacks.

servers that are not stable.

same lounche since 2011

in my case I would like to buy vip, but how to do it in a game full of hack.

I would like to know if they will place an anti-hack or if they will continue with this system that is not really working.

if they changed the louncher?



  • All games have to die some day (at some point). CrossFire is currently inactive because of quarantine (COVID-19). Many players play in internet cafes.

    If we focus on the future, based on the current situation of CrossFire, we won’t have enough time to enjoy it before it’s over. We should rather focus on having as much fun as we can, instead of being afraid that the game will die off (over) in the coming months.

    Find another game to fill your empty spot. It’s how gaming works. One game dies, you find another to replace it. This is sadly the fate of the game industry.
  • PainanatorPainanator Viscount
    It is dying, but very slowly, so I wouldn't worry.
    In the time since we transferred from EU, I can't say that I have noticed any big increase or decrease, which is 2 years this November.
    Cheater numbers go up and down, but there aren't any big change there either, same about errors. Good days and bad days.
    On the whole, the game is still mostly playable if you don't expect it to be perfect. Though it could be improved a lot (Which they'll probably wont do anything big about).

    Just relax, play and have fun, when you can play CF. When you can't, play another game.
    Personally I think it's time for a play-through of a heavily modded Fallout 4 (maybe I'll finish the main-quest this time, but building and collecting stuff is more fun) when I can't play CF and don't work.
  • dont focusing on one game, you should also go to enjoy the other games
  • It is unfortunate that this is happening.
  • actually, don't think like that. :) because most of the game face with that situation but, it is not the end.The Crossfire nnowadays develops itself day by day. it is not the same game 8 year ago. i know in 8 year ago. .:)
  • tednztednz Beginner
    This is sadly the fate of the game industry.
    geometry dash
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