Recruiting for the next Biggest UK ZM clan.

Im going to be straight foward here if you dont speak english or if ur not from the UK just dont bother applying. PS im not trying to be rude im just saying its a bit pointless if we are trying to grind jems all in a discord call speaking english and you cant speak english and ur playing on 100ping...




To even think about applying to this clan you must have discord to communicate with me or to apply to the clan.


To apply PM ME on discord. And we will go from there.
The MAIN THING IN THIS APPLICATION WOULD BE going in to a zm game with me and proving to me that ur worth joining the clan. how many deaths you get how many points you get your skills in general hammering gloving Macro ETC.

MY Crossfire Name IS Brexit
and my Discord is okayd#5522

IF you are the lucky one who gets to join this Empire good job because you are one of the best ZM players in cf. GL HF:D
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