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OG Bad. here. I wanna play some scrims and pugs and since apparently this game is dead af and no one really looks at these forums, perhaps I can get 4 replies of people lookin to join a team. If you played in the competitive scene from 2009 to like 2014 that would be coo. Id like to see some old faces.


  • add my steam hurry ~
  • [inclus][inclus] Beginner
    Yep I rlly am addicted to this game if you are on everyday I’m from pacific coast 18 yrs old I rlly want to join a team to play/practice w . So if u do add me later 1T_INCLUS
  • Latore300Latore300 Apprentice
    add me on steam woozypanda or
  • BOSSOIL97BOSSOIL97 Beginner
    I played back in 2010, then my computer broke and took a 10 year break. I was captain on my older account with a lot of great weapons but i lost it. I have since restarted and am interested. I am currently 2nd LT 6th grade. My account was created about a month ago but i am still very skilled and active. I live in Canada and am 22 years of age. Add me in game ~ Username ~ Randinator
  • Im tryna scrim and run ranked with people. Not many people out there to play w tho
  • Hey im down to play scrim nd rank add me in game Fiillup
  • Speculate here
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