EmbersRising! Now Recruiting

EmbersRising is now recruiting and looking for new members to join our great freshly new created community, At the moment we are looking for players, Who speak fluent english only, Clan leader Snowflake [ME] is currently from the UK, Other players from NA / UK, And any other country who speak fluent english is more than welcome to join.

Why should we join?: You should join because here at EmbersRising we strive to make the best experiance for players who need a community to join, We play Clan wars regulary, Ranked every single day, And also, We are all active members who are willing to put our time and effort, Into making this clan successful.

How to apply and the requirments to join?: You can either send .Snowflake* a message in game, Via the forums here, Reply to this thread and or contact Frosty#4956 on discord. And or join the community discord at : https://discord.gg/MamZ2j ,The only requirement we highly recommend is that you speak english, And you are a active player.

Rules of the clan?: No cheating or hacking in any sort, This will result into a permanant ban from our clan. No racism, Show every player respect and speak to them humanly. Staffs sayings are final, Failure to follow chain of command will result into a permanant ban from the clan. New players to the crossfire community are welcome, So please if they do bad encourage them to play more and practice, Dont just say 'Your bad we dont want you here' We where all at their level at times in our lives.

Enjoy! :) Not much info i know, Tried to make this as small and sweet as possible. Hope to see some of your faces here in the community :)
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