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Hello there! I have been playing Crossfire for +7 years,and I have been enjoying it until VVIP weapons came - AKA pay to win ..why are they called like that? I am glad you asked - as you may know - players with a vvip get a BIG exp boost which makes them level up MASSIVELY faster than players with no VVIP weapons/items.
As you know..most players(mostly Egyptians) decide player's skill by their level( I say this because I know from experience!!) and for example a player that has been playing Crossfire for 1 month and has at least 1 VVIP weapon has double the rank that other non-VVIP players in the same,1 month.
Thus I get kicked because I am still low rank,even if I have been playing Crossfire every day for past 6 months and more(I am still low level comapred to other VVIP players) and thus - I get kicked MUCH more frequently because players think I am cheating with some illegal program or so.
I really ,like other players,too - can not enjoy the game that way...all is left for us to only play FFA mode,and never S&D mode,ever again,because we are too good? Ranked is too intense to play all the time..

In short - VVIP players get less kicked because non-knowledgable players think they are supposed to be better..when in reality - they buy they rank.
As you can see - I am Master 3 rank in Ranked,and I really am sick of getting kicked that 1 TIME in a week that I get really good and dominate everyone..but this is a sad reality.
What are your suggestions?

Players are misusing the kicking system because they do not want the game to be competative,they want to win by eliminating the best players..


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    It is a bit right. From where I have 11 vip. A lot of clans encourage me to join. When it comes to gameplay, if I'm having a good day. My statistics about 30: 5 A lot of people write that I am a hacker. Always my answer is (Save the replay, send the report and close the mouth, or exit the game) Maybe rude, but it helps. As for your situation, it's good statistics and a very low level of account. Suspicion looks nothing after it.
  • If I understood your reply correctly..thanks..
    But I just wish the game was moderated more..and how come there are still cheaters in the game? Is there not anything that can fix it so that we never have cheaters again? I just wish there was a server where no VVIPs are allowed..but I guess a lot of people would play there .. :/ just a shame how pay to win ruined the game,yet we still have Game Servers THAT SUCK!!!!!
    Yes,servers suck!
    People disconnect from ranked games,people teleport,and everyone's ping is a constant.
    Is there not anything z8games can do except shutting my mouth ?

    Edit: Please,this game is lovely if you try hard enough! This game does not have to be something people rage on but can relax and actually play it as a competition game!!! Please do something,or tell me the problem :/
    Have a nice day!
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