A game of cards! 1st card: Panther?!

Hello boiz! hope yall are fine. After after long thoughts and unsleeping nights i came up with this Mini game suggestion:
A game of cards is a mini game in which players are gathered in two teams bl & gr in one of the supersoldiers tdm maps where all players of both teams are allowed to use only card skill WITHOUT using guns at all, only cards. Rules differ according to each card as follows,
1st Edition:
At the start of the game all players gr & bl are gathered at the center of the map along the middle of it and each of them use his spray to make a long line of sprays to devide the map into two equal halves one for gr and the other for bl except for the middle container in Airbase map and the small cottage in soldier farm at its side.
Both teams are allowed to use whatever NON JHP guns they like at the early start of the game till they all reach level 5
Once they reach level 5, all players Must stop using any guns and start using panther only till game ends.
each team can have up to 2 players using Medic to ONLY HEAL themselves and their team mates. Dont throw medic capsules on your enemies on purpose however if it ACCIDENTLY entoxicated your enemy while you were healing your team mate and he died coz of it the kill doesnt count towards the team's total kills.
Medics arent allowed at any case to pass the sprays line while panthers are allowed to pass freely to the other team's area. On the other hand, medics are allowed to continue using whateven non JHP guns they want as long as the bullets DO NOT pass the sprays line at the center of the map.
The only case a medic can pass to the other team's area is through the unsprayed big container in the middle of AirBase or through the cottages on the sides of Soldier farm maps and in that case he is only allowed to use the Pistol once he steps into the other team's area. but BECAREFUL, if a team's medic died 3 times whatever was the reason, they have to switch to Panther and continue the game with it and the team loses one of its medics so dont try passing to other team's area unless for urgent cases.
The winning team is the one with the highest number of kills.
Last but not the least, here are the some of the protips you can use to help you, its not a must tho but you will need them!
You can use flash bangs, basic grenades & smoke grenades to cover your position, blind your opponents till your mortar shot lands , detect their positions or ninja heal your team mate without being seen.
Also if you are a Medic, try not to die as much as possible and focus on healing yourself and your team mates.
Enhance your Panther card as much as you can, it will be useful in causing more damage to kill easier along with your medic card to regain hp quickly.
If you are a Panther, change your position frequently as it can be detected easily if your mortar shot was seen before it lands.

Thats about it for now. Hope this mini game interests yall and if it did, editions and rules for other cards will follow the panther as soon as possible.

EDIT: Since you guys asked for simpler rules for the game of cards panther edition I made a new simplified version of this ^ the first version is always welcome to apply tho but it is quite complicated for a start for the game of cards to well, this is what we are gonna follow for now:

players are devided into two teams in one of supersoldiers team death match or SS search and destroy maps where all of them are only allowed to use the Panther card (once they reach level 5 in tdm or immediately in snd).
Medics are optional but they cant participate in killing the other team at all. All what they can do is healing their team mates if a panther shot damaged them and they arent allowed to try throwing medic capsules at their enemies to kill them. However, if the enemy was close to a critical hp team mate and you wanted to heal him and accidently infected the enemy and he died, the kill doesnt count towards the team total kills.
Simply the winning team is the one with most kills using panther card.
-No JHP guns allowed at the start of the match.
-No guns at all allowed once players reach level 5.
-Kill count will start after players start using panther aka all kills at the start of the match dont count towards the winning team.
-Each team can only have up to 2 medics maximum.
-All grenades are allowed to use.
-if you are in SS snd, you can plant the C4 in A site only.
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