CrossFire E-Sports - Get Your Team Together! - Registrations CLOSED

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Attention Mercenaries,

Interested in playing against the very best? Do you have the skills to take the champion's share of the prize pool?
Have you been active in our highest competitive leagues?
Start putting together your dream team now and keep an eye out next week for further announcements!

- Team must be comprised of 5 players, no substitutes
- All players must have the same nationality within the CFWE region (*passport will be required to verify nationality)
- All players must have previously participated in 'CFCL Elite 2018' or 'CFS NF 2018 (NA/EU/EGY)' or are currently participating in 'CFEL 2019'

How To Register
- Only 1 Registration is required per team, filled out by the Team Captain
- Team registrations are accepted via support ticket (CrossFire E-Sports > E-Sports Team Registration)
- Team must provide all required information.
- Teams who provide incomplete/inaccurate information or images of poor-quality will be denied.
- Registrations will be accepted until Monday, May 6th @ 1 PM
- Interested teams are highly recommended to submit team registrations early.
- Selected teams will be contacted by a GM via Discord

- CrossFire Team
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