The Ban Controversy

Dear Z8games support/competitive players,

TL DR : was unfairly banned, someone highranked in discord reported cuz he was getting slapped around by our team 3 wins in a row + kardashian level rumours went around.

Been playing this game on&off for 7-9 years, competitive from around 2012-2014? Won multiple tournaments with my team Mentality [yt link], known by most of the oldschool EU/UK community, but not by much anymore due to yearlong breaks etc and cuz my team had quit cf, I haven't played much competitive as of late.

I was banned on the 21st of April, as soon as I saw the "permanently blocked" screen I knew what had happened. On one of my last ranked games there was a guy called "[IGN removed]" [link below] who told me "delayy banned in 2 rounds watch" (FYI: I was 9/8 or smt that game in Mexico with my teammate topfragging) - this reminded me of the powers that some CF discord members have, where they could report someone to GM's very fast and have them banned in 2 minutes. I know this because I was playin on a ranked team and on ts3 with a teammate who was highranking in Discord - saw an obvious spinbotter get banned in the same ranked game. Now guess who doesn't have any rights anymore on Discord ([IGN removed]). What a coincidence right, maybe someone abusing their powers cuz he was getting slapped? Naa couldn't be...

I've tried contacting the GM's but they always say the same old stuff, they can't give out evidence of me cheating etc etc. I've tried contacting them in Discord just to find out that I've been banned there as well. No idea how they even have my CF profile connected.

Even though I should, I wont name any names, I don't need to stoop as low as them, but after the ban, certain rumours started spreading that I got banned for cheating, that I had ADMITTED to cheating and had CODED my own cheats. Which ok, thanks for the compliment there (I am studying software engineering), but I literally have no reason to cheat in CF. First off, I'm known by quite many and there's literally no incentive to cheat in ranked... Like for what exactly? ranked crates?? Machete??? That is the stupidest [removed].

I get it, [removed] happens, admins might not see everything correctly (they have [removed] of real cases), people abuse their power etc. I remember duck got banned in EU for getting reported too much too. Someone told me [IGN removed] got banned too, but got his ban lifted cuz his teammate spoke with a GM. If I'm unbanned - cool. If not, I honestly shouldn't be wasting my time with this game anyhow, its already peaked, lets face it. Just sh*tty to have my reputation tainted by this though.

Also thank u for my mates who didn't jump to any conclusions and knew that this was bullsh*t from the start.

To admins:
I sincerely hope you consider checking the evidence again or listen to other pro players who would reach out to you about lifting my ban, or at least lift my discord ban so I can reach out that way, thank you for your time.

OG UK cup highlights :
more highlights i guess (I know these r hella old but yeah, too old pc to record [removed]) :
sp0xyy report : [link removed]
duck ban :


  • GMs should definitely reconsider their decision, replay banned or live banned doesn't really matter.
    They should have hard evidence before banning any player.
    80% of players in the TOP 100 are scripters how come you dont ban them instead?

  • unlucky..
  • gg game cf
  • Players are not allowed to mention anyone being reported through the live hack reporting channel in the CF Discord. So the player who told you he did so probably lost his privileges in this channel by now. But, keep in mind you're not allowed to libel anyone publicly on CF social platforms.
    Though I'm always skeptical about posts like these, I understand your frustration.
    You have every right to share your frustrations here, but in the end the only way of getting anything done is by contacting support.
  • Well, I'm kinda in the same situation, but I never got into playing tournaments, just scrims because it was the only place i could find a fair game inside CrossFire.
    I've been playing this since 2009/10, with some "yearlong breaks" as well, and my account got permanently blocked 2 days ago.
    As soon as I saw that the account was permanently blocked I instantly gave up since I was aware of duck's situation, I mean, if someone as popular as him couldn't get things done what are the chances of any of us getting fairly treated?

    Actually, I found this post because I was looking for duck's video link (thanks btw) so I could show a friend how pathetic this gets.
    Unfortunately that same friend is kind of addicted to spending money (and a good person as well xD) and I couldn't stop him from buying a bunch of VIPs to his account and gifting me an AWM.
    That same friend decided to send a ticket from my account since I was refusing myself to do it, and as I already expected, apparently my account got banned for "cheating" ;)

    GM's don't give a single F for their version of CrossFire, as long as little kids (and some grown braindead adults) keep buying every single new VIP that appears in the game and spending hundreds in crates, they will keep ignoring their community...
    I guess they kinda did me a favor, since I kept being stupid enough to come back to this game once in a while, even though i'm struggling to find a decent FPS game to play right now (and that is usually the reason I kept coming back to CrossFire, even though it isn't a decent game it's nostalgic), at least now I don't really have something to come back for...A special thanks to [GM]Kanadian, for your "careful investigation", I'm sure all you guys want to do is "ensure that every player enjoys their time during gameplay" and that I was definitely "responsible for all the actions taken in my account ", I should've never tried to play this in the first place right? Good luck for the future.

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