[Guide] How the CrossFire Discord works

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Discord is a free voice/text app that you can either download or use the web browser version of it. For a parental guide on discord, please see here.

You get to talk to GMs and other players on the Discord, and find people to do the events with. Get notified for announcements and also participate in crate giveaways and other events, and get notified for when GMs are doing a birthday shout out in-game!

PLEASE NOTE GM HOURS ARE GENERALLY 9AM - 6PM EST Monday to Friday!! Do not spam them during off hours!!

Go to discord.gg/crossfire to join! You'll need a verify your phone number before being able to type.

lmao have you tried... getting gud?

JK, in order to mitigate spammers / trolls, some channels are restricted until you reach the role of MAJOR

Follow the rules and chat in prove your worth. A bot will upgrade you to MAJOR once you hit level 10 by talking. If you break the rules you will get muted/trainee, which prevents you from talking in all channels. If you keep spamming, you will get the role PRIVATE which prevents you from gaining exp and leveling.

Once youre ranked up to major you are put on a 1 week probation. If you break a rule during this time you will be demoted and your levels on discord will be reset

Any MAJOR can personally recommend someone to major (it is not guaranteed). If you recommend someone and you are a probational major, if the person you recommended breaks a rule, you both get demoted.

If a MAJOR personally recommends someone and said recommendation breaks the rules within the first week, that MAJOR will lose the privilege of being able to recommend someone.

*Spamming @ GMs or spamming in general may result in your level progress being halted through the role of Private*

Please be sure to type the !rank command in the #bot-spam channel here:


All account issues, including accounts that have been banned need to go to support here.
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