[OUTDATED] [Archive] Some S&D Map weapons and strategies

So, I had nothing else to do...

Here's a list - of my opinion, based with my evaluations - of the most appropriate weapons and strategies to the S&D maps of Crossfire Europe. Keep in mind that you use any gun/strat. you like, these are just suggestions. [h=2]Downtown[/h]
So, downtown is a pretty good map in my opinion. Big and open with a lot of sniping spots and great to rifle use. Here they are:

Low recoil rifles - M4, Scar L, Type 89, etc. - Since the map is big, it's useful at long distances

Powerful rifles - AK47, Scar Heavy and L85A1 - Even though the map is big, for good recoil users, it's a paradise on earth to kill enemies.

Sniper rifles - DSR-1 ( Great to Hardscope in A Top) ; AWM or TRG; FR-F2...

Always stick with at least 2 persons and watch out for windows or sniper openings...

[h=2]Eagle Eye[/h]
  • M4A1 - Accurate and Low recoil - in general
  • Scar Light - I think this gun is good in any map really
  • K2 - Low recoil, high power and great to long distances
  • MP5 - Even though the map is big, you often come across battling in Close Quarters so an SMG is pretty useful
Always stick together, this map is big and can be scary if you're alone py04.gif .

[h=2]Black Widow[/h]
Great map, my favorite.
  • K2 - Amazing to shoot at Long A or in the barracks
  • M4A1 - Accurate and moderate
  • Scar Light
  • AK-47 - Amazing gun to rush Long A, CATWalk or B. Also useful in rushing Mid.
  • 1HK Snipers - 1 hit kill snipers are useful to give support on your team.

Try to keep together if you have an M4 or K2 , don't rush and take your time.If you have an AK, always rush and take point. If using HK snipers, keep together and give support.

  • M4 - Useful at this map
  • 1HK Snipers
  • SL

This map is made to rush / sniper. But since, I don't play this map much - just do whatever you wish.

Satellite Base
  • SL
  • M4
  • AK47

If you're using M4, keep in groups. If using an AK take point and rush.

If you're using a sniper, play like a coward. Camp and snipe.
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