Scrim Clips 61 - check it out

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  • thats funny
  • ImtoonieImtoonie Holy Knight
    aint nothing compared to mine
  • This made me LOL. xD
  • Imtoonie wrote: »
    aint nothing compared to mine

    Yeah yours is better I'll give you that :D. But yours is tick/ping/cfisbad related.
  • oLOGICoLOGIC Margrave
    am i missing something? just a bunch of missed shots and slow reactions lol
  • oLOGIC wrote: »
    am i missing something? just a bunch of missed shots and slow reactions lol

    Slow reactions? That would imply situations where both people shoot and the crosshair turns red but damage is not done. That is not what is trying to be shown here.

    It is the fact that it doesn't turn red when shooting people because there is microstuttering (although less noticeable on 60fps which is what the viewer is seeing as opposed to 144 which is what I'm seeing). The microstuttering causes bullets to not turn red because they're not actually in the position that is shown on screen but small periods ahead of what is shown on my screen - almost like their body is lagging and they are jittering around catching up to actual positions that I do not get to ever see).

    All of this while having stable low ping, 144hz and stable 200 frames per second. And this is not in my head either nor is this a situation of me not understanding how the game is. It occurs in all CF versions, fortnite, multiple cs versions, combat arms, browser fps games,and more. The game is fine for me pre July 2015, @ lans and gaming centers, and in areas much further from mine. This video is just showing a problem in which I & multiple others have yet to figure out why it is occurring.
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