Cheaters in Ranked+Farmers that boosting up playing with them

So last three days are unplayable considering ranked matches.
9/10 matches has atleast 2 cheaters in a room.
It would be funny if you can actually kill them,but they are crawling on the ground like maggots...
Peoples KDr and W/L ratio are dropin down,Losing will to even play the game.
People even got tired of reporting them.It's like 30 reports per day. 30!
On the other hand the farmers that are boosting them self by playing with a cheater gets more and more wins what usually they wouldn't do.(Read:THEY SUCK)
Questions are:
1.When will you put an end of those cheaters?
2.What will you do about kids that are playing with a cheater to boost them self up?



  • True Words... but CF do nothing....

    Last Ranked Season was he same problem... CF get some money from different VIP's but do nothing for game security? :mad:
  • Last season, from what I last heard, anyone who was caught duoing and being boosted by cheaters, and doing this intentionally, lost their ranked score.
    As for the cheaters themselves, it really is getting beyond annoying. GM’s and MOD’s will just tell you to keep sending replays and report the cheaters, and no matter how many threads we make, that won’t change. There isn’t really anything else we can do but to report them and hope they get banned though, because no matter how much we complain on the forums, it won’t change anything unless we give them evidence to change it.
  • IsNoGoudIsNoGoud Beginner
    We all know that they are doing that intentionally...You can see them writing to the cheater "Add me please".It is hillarious.
    And the penalty is just losing rank points...
    And considering the reports..What's the point actually anymore.Let's say you play 20-30 ranked per day...In those matches you will play atleast against 5 different cheaters.Everyone else that is legit in this game will report him.Thats like 20 reports on just one person in 24 hours.And he still won't get banned for next 3 or 4 days.....
    I made 110 wins in 3 days without cheaters,and now it's really hard to play....
    Hopefully they can update the Xtrap for a day or two so u can play normally.And not to wait every next patch..
  • Clarie didnt know that u are 2nd most hated person here
    like ya they get ban and everything im dimond and i dont see cheaters but turks with china walk scripts are making ranked unplaybe i dont have a problem with vips and other op wep. Just hate to see those scripters
    For me rankeds are unplayble

    Biggest fan of
    ​​​​ Clarie, ngL
  • i think they both should be banned or puniched
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