Any tips in the BLACK MARKET ?

its been a year or so since i've won a blackmarket weapon , i almost spent 500k on KSG-15 and still did not win it !:(


  • Alessio24Alessio24 Apprentice
    500k it's the base to winn a weapon u have spend between 450k and 750k usually to winn,i spend like 1kk for my anaconda adv, wait to have more GP at last 750k and open 50 crates at times this is my advise and good luck
  • ganezziganezzi Beginner
    I dont agree with Alessio and i got some examples to show why i dont. I have won with under 200k each of these weapons: Deagle camo, QBZ95Camo, Anaconda ADV,Deagle Scope at my old account when it was on black market. Also won many zp guns like G3A3 camo,Nornico type 56 hawaian, KAC chainsaw with just about 10 crates that i won on some events. So you can win guns even with your first crate like i have won KAC Chainsaw.
    Lets come to your question. I guess you are asking about any kind of shortcut to win prizes with less crates. I cant say anything about it unless I see how black market algorithms works but anyway there are some people saying when its late night when there are not too many players your chances raises or things like press 4 squares 5 squares etc etc etc. I dont believe any of those and i guess its about a probability, of course its a real small one. It can be 1 divided by all of the combinations of 3 elements of 10 elements=C(10,3)=360. So 1/360=0.27% probability. Every time you spin you have this probability to get a combination which has a permanent weapon.
    I need to say that every thing here is just how i think that it can be so its just my idea. Unless i can see black market algorithms i cant tell you how to break algorithm. Good luck on your spinnings you really need it!
  • It’s all luck!
    u can spend 1000GP and u win a weapon and u can spend 1.000.000GP and u don’t win anything..
  • Medusa4vverMedusa4vver Apprentice
    It's totally random. No tips neither "methods" to win are real. I've heard hoaxes that if you have a weird name you win, if you spin when there's lower playerbase you win, of you spin at the 1/3 of the bar you win, if you spin once tye server comes back up from the maintenance you win and if you spin while you're itching your back you win *lol*
    I can tell you that it's totally random and only your luck may get you a weapon. I've spent 4.5 millions of GP to get the type-56 and failed to acquire it, yet with a spare 2k GP I've got my R93 sniper. The more crates you have the more chance you win (that's partially true) because you have -whatever the chance per crate is- multiplied by the number of crates. For example, you bought 10 crates. That means you'll be able to have the (lets say 0.05 chance) 10 times, BUT NOT 0.05 x 10 = 0.50 per crate. So having a 1 crate or 50 doesn't really guarantee any win. It's just that you save more money while buying the bunch of it at once.
  • LindaleLindale Beginner
    I've never won anything in the ZP market. Cannot spend money to crate tickets have given me coupons for unlimited ammo= love it in zombie mode
  • good luck man
  • all about luck and maybe some more luck xD
  • Luck luck and luuuuck.
  • Luck luck and luuuuck.

    Do not comment on old posts. I just advise you
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    Do not comment on old posts. I just advise you

    Okay i didnt know that sorry.

  • Okay i didnt know that sorry.

    its ok, but always look at the date of the post above before starting to write a comment
  • Its just luck, look:

    I got both thompson and winchester in 200 crates
    I got two swiss mini revolvers in 200 crates
    I got C7A2 in 200 crates
    I got M16s camo in 50 crates
    I got jungle knife ultimate gold in 25 free crates.

    I spent like 150k zp on crates and never got anything
    I have spent 500k gp in qbz camo and haven't got it yet

    It's just luck. Never spend more than you are willing to lose.
  • It's just RNG, there is no science behind it.
  • just make your k/d ratio higher

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