GM/MOD Crate Contents

This is just a thread to showcase the contents of the GM/MOD crates. This will be updated regularly to ensure that what is inside the crate is correct.

Last Updated: 26/07/2018

Status: Up-to-date!

GM Crate:

Gold Bar (30 days)

Kriss Super V-Ultimate Gold (30 days)

Snowman Backpack (30 days)

Masquerade Mask (30 day)

L86 LSW - Perfect Silver (7 days)

AK-47-Silencer -Perfect Silver (7 days)

M1216 - Perfect Silver (7 days)

Color Chat (3 days)

Color Name (3 days)

RPK Russia (1 day)

Gatling Gun (1 day)

Ruger Bisley (1 day)

Dual Colt-Ultimate Gold (1 day)

Snow Grenade (1 day)

Bulletproof Helmet (1 day)

Bulletproof Vest (1 day)

EXP 50% (1 day)

Rainbow Muzzle Flame (1 day)

Flash Guard (1 day)

Smoke Protection Helmet (1 day)


MOD Crate:

Rabbit Ears Headband (30 days)

Pistol Mag. (30 days)

AK-47-Knife-Ultimate Gold (14 days)

Jack Hammer-Ultimate Gold (14 days)

Thompson-Hellfire (3 days)

M14EBR-S-Blue Camo (3 days)

Desert Eagle-Bronze (3 days)

Color Chat (3 days)

Mutation Jacket (3 days)

Violet Muzzle Flame (3 days)

Dual Colt-Red Dragon (1 day)

Katana (1 day)

RPK Russia (1 day)

Crystal Grenade (1 day)

Expand Grenade Slot (1 day)

C4 Setup/ Defuse Kit (1 day)

EXP 50% (1 day)

Flash Guard (1 day)

Smoke Protection Helmet (1 day)


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