"Part of the Navy seal team" ribbon

Hello everyone, I'm trying to get the 40 ribbons for the shovel RD. One of them is the "part of the Navy seal team" ribbon, and I have a question about it, before I spend 8200 zp: dors the M14EBR-Xmas count to own the ribbon? Because I have this weapon, and I don't have the normal M14EBR
Thanks a lot for answering!


  • Oh yeah, thanks a lot for responding! ;)
  • Another question: I don't own the EBR permanently (I just got one from a crate). I DO have the ribbon.. Will I lose it when I lose my EBR?
    Thanks in advance!
  • xMeexMee Beginner
    You have to own any permanent EBR, MK23Socom and NavySeal.
    And guns for days doesnt count. ;)
  • any ebr will count
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