Common Solutions to CrossFire Errors

Welcome to the Common Solutions for Cross Fire.

Last Updated: Sept 22, 2011

Latest Update: Zombie Mode "Send Error Report"

Please try these solutions to common loading and errors within Cross Fire. You may also submit a support ticket or speak to the GM's on the Tech Support Forums if you have any further information or suggestions for this thread or for helping on any other common issue.

For ease of searching the format for this thread will be listed as the Problem in a post followed by the solutions to try.

Lastly, these solutions may not work for everyone. All computers are made differently and what causes problems on one may be different than another. These generally work for most users. If it does not please try to post in the Tech Support Forum with your issue and we'll see if anyone else can help.


  • Rebooting your Computer

    Rebooting the Computer and Reinstalling the Game

    If you get an error within Cross Fire the number one thing to make sure to do is reboot the computer.

    Performing a 'clean boot' of the computer can also be recommended for trouble shooting conflicts. To preform a Clean Boot please refer to this site:

    This is to help trouble shoot conflicts with other programs and not a solution by itself, but it should let you know if any other program is the reason for the problem.

    Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Game

    The second most important thing to try with regards to loading errors in Cross Fire is to uninstall the game and reinstall from a new mirror.

    To do this follow these steps:

    - Control Panel -> Z8Games -> CrossFire -> Uninstall CrossFire
    - Open Up My Computer
    - Delete the CF directory (Program Files/Z8Games/CrossFire/)
    - Delete the CF directory (<user>/Document/CrossFire/)
    - Disable your anti virus
    - Download the newest client from our downloads site
    - Install the game from the new download
    - Add the entire crossfire folder to your antivirus exceptions
    - Re-enable realtime protection

    Cross Fire does not contain viruses, however some anti virus scanners will modify game files as you install them. Make sure to disable your Anti-Virus during download and installation. You can add the folders to the exceptions later to re-enable your virus scanner.

    As a secondary solution try changing the installation path directory.

    Additionally please see this post in this thread:
  • Your Anti-Virus Scanner Detects a Virus

    AVG Specifically, but some other virus scanners will sometimes detect False Positives within the game files for Cross Fire.

    This is a false detection. Cross Fire does not contain viruses. Xtrap searches the computer and some free scanners think this action is a virus. It is not.

    To solve this problem make sure to add the entire Cross Fire directory to your exceptions folder. Including the HGW File Watcher AND Xtrap directories and programs.
  • FILE IS CHANGED W[2007] L[0] and other File Changed/Forged Errors

    - Uninstall the game completely
    - Disable your antivirus' realtime protection
    - Redownload the game
    - Install the game
    - Add the entire crossfire folder to your antivirus exceptions
    - Re-enable realtime protection

    If you downloaded the game with your antivirus active, it may be 'cleaning' the rez file upon download.

    The source File is corrupted

    This is similar to the previously mentioned "File is changed" error. If your antivirus software's realtime scanner is active while you are downloading the game, it could result in corruption of the download. Temporarily disable your realtime scanner, then redownload the game client. Keep realtime scanning disabled while you install the game. Make sure to add the entire Crossfire folder to your antivirus' exceptions list before you re-enable the realtime scanner.
  • Error in initrender ()

    This error can be caused by several things:

    Outdated DirectX installation

    Download the most current DirectX installer from microsoft here:

    Outdated Video Drivers

    First and foremost, you need to know what kind of video card you have. From the start menu type dxdiag into the search box (Select Run and type dxdiag for Windows XP). Navigate to the display tab. You will see your video card name at the top left.

    Visit your video card manufacturer's website and download the most recent display drivers for your video card. Laptop owners will usually need to download drivers from their laptop's manufacturer, as the drivers from the video card manufacturer will likely not install.
    Also, if you experience this error immediately after reinstalling Windows the video driver may not even be installed. If the video card name appears as "Standard VGA", the proper drivers are not installed.

    Underpowered Hardware

    Unfortunately there are still a lot of people who are using older video cards. Some of these cards may not be capable of rendering the game properly.
  • XTrap Errors

    When Xtrap is not working correctly it will usually kick out an error code and an error message. If you can not figure out what they mean then please post in the following thread the details so we can help get it solved.

    Program Conflicts with Xtrap

    Some Programs will conflict with the operation of Xtrap. The first thing you should do if you get an error is to make sure to close all other programs. This includes launching style programs like Xfire, the ESL Game Launcher, Steam and other such programs.

    Macro Programs will also not work with Xtrap. Macro Express and other such programs will not let you run CF.

    Some Video Capture Programs can also cause issues. Make sure to close Fraps or other video capture programs to see if this solves the problem.

    Software Conflict - Defender Pro

    Defender Pro has a software option called "Game Mode". In order to run Cross Fire you must have this software turned to Game Mode in order to launch Cross Fire properly.

    Please note that to update Defender Pro you have to turn this mode off so don't forget to put it back once the update is complete.
  • Keyboard Problems

    If your Keyboard is not set to US ENGLISH STANDARD then some game settings and functions may not work properly.

    To change your keyboard settings in VISTA and Windows 7:

    - Click Start and then Control Panel
    - Open Clock, Language, and Region Settings
    - Click on Regional and Language Options
    - Click the Keyboards and Languages tab and then click Change keyboards
    - Under Installed services, click Add
    - In the Add Input Language dialog box, select the keyboard layout you would like to add from the list available and click OK
    - The keyboard layout you added will be included in the list. To set the new layout as your default, select it from the list. Click OK to save your changes
    - You can switch between different input languages (= keyboard languages) by clicking on the Language Bar button or by pressing the Alt + Shift keys
  • Using Name Change Item Fails

    Sometimes using the in-game name change item will fail.

    This is caused by one of two reasons.
    1. The first reason is that the name is already in use. Please check the clan page for that name to see if there is someone else using it.

    2. The second reason is that you have previously held that name on your account. The system doesn't release all names even if you have changed it from a previous one.
    You will have to contact support in order to have your name manually changed. You will still be required to purchase the name-change item from the mall to do so.
  • HGW Socket Errors (10053)

    Socket Errors are most likely caused by a terminated connection on the Host Machine.

    This means that something is affecting the connection between your computer and the servers running the HGW file watcher, Xtrap or the Game.

    1. Almost always this can be corrected with patience and by waiting until the initial rush for updating the game is over.

    2. Other times this can be corrected by restarting your modem/router or flushing your dns and checking to make sure your connection is stable.

    3. Also try to use Google to research the particular socket error you see. The error message can often times be searched to give hints to it's solution.

    4. Finally always try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If the connection was broken during an update some of the game files may not have patched properly. This means that an uninstall and a reinstall may be required.
  • Access Violation Error Caused by cf_g4box.exe

    If you have an outdated installation of Internet Explorer you may receive the following error:
    AppName: cf_g4box.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll
    ModVer: 5.1.2600.5512 Offset: 0000a368
    To correct this please update to the most recent version (IE8 at the time this was posted). Not only should this correct the error, but since IE is tied very tightly to windows it should also improve overall system stability/security.
  • Disconnect Due to Incorrect Map Info/Hack Tool Detected (in lobby)

    The cause of this error has been determined to be a configuration issue with routers. Universal Plug and Play is a mechanism that allows programs to automatically gain access through a firewall. Both routers and the Windows firewall both have uPNP capabilities.

    If you are not using a router and have the Windows firewall active, try the following to enable uPNP for the Windows firewall:

    If you are using a router you will need to consult your router's documentation for the proper steps to enable uPNP. If you would like to look for the setting yourself, refer to this thread for the basic steps on how to access your router's configuration page:
  • Issues with Anti-Virus Programs

    Anti Virus Programs known to cause issues and have guides for;

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2010
    AVG 9.0
    ESET 4 (NOD32)
    McAfee Security Centre

    NOTE: The virus detections ARE FALSE POSITIVES. Following these steps will not harm your PC in any way

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

    Add the entire Crossfire folder or crossfire.exe to your exceptions. You may also want to do this with XTrap too.
    To do this simply open up the KIS main page and click "Settings" then look for "Threats and Exclusions" on the right hand side and click "Options" under "Exclusions".


    Then click "Add" then make sure "Object" is checked.
    Finally click where it says "Select object" and browse to the Crossfire folder.


    Click OK until you get back to the Kaspersky main screen.

    AVG 9.0

    Open AVG and go to "Tools" "Advanced settings"


    Now go to "Resident shield" > "Excluded files" and press "Add" to add the files to the exclusions list


    Select the folder were you have your game installed, (Default: C:\Program Files\Z8Games\Crossfire)
    and add these files:


    After adding these files, press "Apply" and "OK".

    ESET 4

    Open your AV and go to "Setup" > "Advanced setup..."


    Go to "Exclusions" and add the entire Z8Games folder.
    (Default: C:\Program Files\Z8Games\Crossfire)


    Press OK

    McAfee Security Centre

    Open Mcafee and go to "Navigation" and choose "Firewall"


    Now in the tab "Program Permissions" scroll down and press "Add"


    And add these files:


    Credits to phatont for the AVG, ESET 4 and McAfee guides.
  • Crossfire Launcher Error

    This should actually be fixed now but if anyone does still have this error, they can refer to this


    This appears to be caused by users zoom and resolution settings.

    To correct the problem, right click anywhere on the desktop, select Personalize and select Display.
    You will be taken to this page.

    This image shows the zoom at 150%. Anything above 100% will cause the launcher to glitch. Correct this by selecting the 100% option. The reduces the screen to its original size.

    Note: Check to see if your screen is set to its native resolution (as seen here)

    You will be forced to log out, simply log back into, the screen will be corrected as will the Crossfire Launcher

  • Mouse/Keyboard Freezing Problem

    This problem seems to be problematic for players with multi-core processors. This solution should solve any problems with your Keyboard/Mouse becoming "stuck" whilst ingame.

    Start up your game, log in and go to whatever server & room you want to.

    Then, on your keyboard, press Alt+Ctrl+Delete keys, opening up your Windows Task Manager.

    Look for Crossfire.exe. It should be towards the top of the list. If you dont see it, just left click the Image Name tab to sort the processes alphabeticaly.

    Right click on Crossfire.exe. From the drop box, left click on Set Affinity

    This will open up the Processer Afinity box. You should see CPU 0 & CPU 1 with check marks in both boxes. Or more boxes if you have more then a dual core.

    You need to have just one of these boxes check marked.
    For some reason unchecking CPU 0 & leaving CPU 1 checked doesnt fix it.
    Unchecking CPU 1 & leaving only CPU 0 checked works the best.
    Id reccomend having only CPU 0 checked, leave every other box unchecked. Bottom line, make sure only 1 box is checked then left click OK.

    Close out of Task Manager & you should go automaticaly back to your game. If not just left click the crossfire tab on your task bar. Play game & enjoy.

    This should fix freezing problems. Setting the process priority to "Low" should also with this and some other problems with the game. I personally have found setting it to this helpful.

    Credits to TimStryker for the solution and the guide
  • Guide to Performing a Clean Install of the game. (Thanks to CyberCatUK)

    *please read the entire guide*

    This guide has been written to assist users in performing a clean installation of Crossfire.

    It may help users who have problems loading/running Crossfire, including but not limited to:-
    Client File Corruption Detected

    HGW File Watcher Not Loading Correctly

    Failed to download patch file

    Disconnected from server, hack tool detected

    File is changed W[***x]

    X-Trap errors
    These problems may be caused by:-
    Incomplete installation, updates and patches.

    Anti-Virus Programs incorrectly detecting files as a potential virus and blocking/deleting them.

    Spyware/Anti-Malware programs incorrectly detecting files as a potential spyware and blocking/deleting them.

    Hacking Programs messing up/corrupting exisiting files.

    Additional unreliable 3rd party programs such as clean-up utilities and defragmenting programs, some of which can actually cause more harm than increasing performance.
    Simply installing Crossire over the top of an existing installation may not help, as files may be in use and/or files which are causing the problem may be corrupt or exist separately from the uninstall process.

    Similarly, uninstalling via Control Panel then reinstalling may have the same problem with left over files, causing the same problem again after installation. The uninstall process itself may also be corrupted resulting in a failed or incomplete removal.

    The Windows registry also contains various code/settings which may be preventing Crossfire from working properly. As previously mentioned, this code can be left behind after a standard reinstall. This may be resolved by using a recommended registry cleaning program such as CCleaner.

    If you suffer any of the above problems, please try the following.

    ** Make sure you follow this in order **

    1) Restart the computer.
    2) Remove any hacking utilities you may have used.
    3) Uninstall Crossfire the usual way:-
    Windows XP > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
    Windows Vista/Windows 7 > Control Panel > Programs and Features (or Uninstall a Program)

    4) Restart the computer.
    5) Delete the Crossfire games folder.
    Navigate to the installation location, for example:-
    My Computer > C:\Program Files>Z8Games >
    Right click the ‘Crossfire’ folder and Delete

    6) Download, install and run CCleaner.
    Select Cleaner > Analyse and then 'Run Cleaner'
    Select Registry > Scan for Issues and then 'Fix selected Issues'
    7) Restart the computer.
    8) Disable all anti-virus and spyware/anti-malware programs you have running.
    EG: Norton, McAfee, Spybot, Windows Defender

    9) Download and Install the latest Crossfire installer.
    At the time of writing this, the current file details should be:
    File Name : CrossFire_Setup_v1052_xfire.exe
    File Size = 467MB (478,912KB)
    (When downloading it may show files size as 468MB)

    10) Leaving your anti-virus and malware programs disabled – Test the game.
    11) If all goes well, restart the computer and test the game again.

    Note: I make no guarantees that this will solve the problem for you, but it will give you the best chance for a clean installation, before you can look at other problems which may be causing you issues, such as graphics drivers problems, file system errors or internet connection problems.
  • Guide for Removing black borders on widescreens.

    While not an error CyberCatUK has come up with another guide which can help you with your graphical settings on your video card.

    Please see his guide here:
  • Skype issues with Crossfire

    The latest versions of Skype do not appear compatible with Crossfire and XTrap will force it to close upon startup.

    To use Skype with Crossfire, you must use Version 5.1 or lower.

    Here is a download link to Version 5.1

    This link is 100% safe and the installer was personally uploaded by me after downloading from the official website several months ago.
    For the skeptical, heres a virus scan
  • Zombie Mode Crashing ('Send Error Report' problem)

    If you have Shadows enabled by editing your config file then you may have issues playing Cross Fire Zombie Mode. A window may pop up saying "Send Error Report".

    In order to solve this you will have to do one of the following steps:

    1. Revert the changes in the CF Files.

    2. Delete the system.dat file and run the game again (the game will create a new one with the default options selected).

    3. Uninstall the game completely and reinstall the game.

    For more information on this please check this thread.

    Lastly, please note that Z8Games does not condone the editing of files within the Cross Fire directory. If you experience a game error because of this we may not be able to help you with technical support.
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