Do Not Give Out Your Password! Ever.

Please do not give out your password to ANYONE.

GMs or other Z8Games representatives will not ask for your account password. Never give this information out to strangers! It could mean you will lose the ability to play on your account.

If you are worried about account security there are a few things you can do to ensure your account is safe:
*Do not click suspicious links over MSN, Yahoo or other IM programs or emails.

*Do not use malicious software, hacking programs or other pirate software. These may contain key loggers.

*Do not give out your account email or any information relating to an account to other players, family members or friends. No one but z8games should know your loginID. Same goes for your email.

*Change your Password often. Go to "My Account" and then "Account Management". You can change your pw from there. Make sure to remember your security question answer otherwise you won't be able to get your account back. You will also need this answer to ever recover a lost password, or to get your pw reset via support.

*Do not fall for scams. You can not give away ZP to other people so anyone asking for your account information to do so is trying to scam you. Any other scam involving another player asking for your account or your password is a scam. These scams are punishable. Screenshot the incident and send the report to [GM]FallenAngel or [GM]Saidin.

Remember, account security is your responsibility.
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