More Forum Improvements!

Hello Loyal Z8 Gamers!

We'd like to let you guys know that signatures should now be activated.

For regular/basic users there should be a 140 character signature limit with no images allowed. Regular BB code will be allowed however there the size restriction is 3.

This gives basic users a standard text-message (twitter message) style signature they can use for the end of their posts.

Please be respectful with your signatures. Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to change or risk being suspended.

Also, the memberlist is active and you can see who's online and what people are up to.

Some of the things that we are intending on bringing back:
Reputation (vBulletin's version of Karma)
More groups will be created for people who have higher reputation.
New Templates and styles.
Functionality improvements and more custom graphics.

Thanks for being patient with us while we improve the forums!!


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