Refinery Rundown - November Patch Notes!



[New Weapon Crates]

Autumn Noble Crate
  • M4A1-S-Noble Predator
  • Knuckles- Noble Beast

Calico MP60 GP Crate
  • Calico M960

**** Patch Notes ****

*Bug fixes *

-Fixed an issue that caused an error message when purchasing MP Shop items
-Fixed an issue that caused an item to appear incorrectly in the New Halloween Fun crate
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to glitch in-between the wooden planks on the HMX map Rooftops
-Fixed an issue that caused November attendance rewards to not appear properly
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to boost through the elevator walls on the S&D map DownTown
-Fixed an issue that caused the Wave tab to appear misaligned in the Storage tab
-Fixed various description typos


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