CFCL Elite League Rule Update - October 2017

[GM]Kanadian[GM]Kanadian Administrator
Attention Elite Players,

As of October 23rd, 2017 the rules have changed for the CFCL Elite League. We expect all players to review them moving forward, but for your convenience we shall list the changes here:

5.2 - Official Warnings will now accumulate and carry over matches. At the discretion of the official, Warnings may result in a point deduction from your overall month score.
5.7 - Official Warnings, Penalties, and Forfeits may all now deduct points at the discretion of the official.
6.4.5 - Forbidden programs are already grounds for disqualification, but we have now explicitly added VPN programs as grounds for DQ.

As always if there are any questions, or something is unclear, please let an official know immediately so they may explain it.

-CrossFire Team


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