How to Alt-Tab on Windows 10 using two Desktops

I meant to post my solution a few days ago, but I kinda forgot:rolleyes:

So I wanted to share how I bypassed the alt+tab issue on windows 10 with you, I don't know if someone already posted this solution but check if this works for you.

The way I sorted this out was using two Windows 10 desktops, you just have to open CF on say, desktop 1 and whenever you want to go navigate on a web browser or check anything else you just go and switch to desktop 2. Its as simple as that (The only downside is that if you are in lobby, you'll get a lower res than the one on windows but I kinda got used to it, its not a big deal if it allows you to alt-tab.)

I haven't found any lag caused by having two windows desktops while playing CF. And I don't have to be aware of alt-tabbing on every game start so that's a plus imo!;)

Now, if you want to try this, here are the steps:

1)Make sure the Task View Button on your Taskbar is visible (Right click on Taskbar>Show Task View Button).
2)Click the Task view button near Windows logo. You'll get a screen with all your currently open programs sorted out.
3)Click on the New Desktop button down on the right corner of your screen. It has a plus icon on it.
4)Open CF on desktop 2 and have everything else on desktop 1.
5)Make sure the Task Manager is open on the same desktop as CF (Or open it while playing, you just need something to alt-tab to, could be any other app).
6)Whenever you want to switch to the other desktop (The one with the rest of your apps) while in-game, [Press Alt + Tab]. You'll lose control of your crosshair and now you'll be handling the Task Manager instead while CF is still on the background of your screen.
7)Now [Press CTRL KEY + WINDOWS KEY + LEFT ARROW]. You'll switch between desktops effectively.
8)When its time to go back to the game, [Press CTRL KEY + WINDOWS KEY + RIGHT ARROW]. Click so you get control of the game once again.
9)Enjoy alt+tabbing on Windows 10:D

That's it, you can now properly alt-tab the way I do it without having to preventively alt-tab on each loading screen. You can even have some apps showing on both desktops out of convenience (I have this for Windows media player and Task Manager in case of crashes and freezes).

Hope this helps someone struggling to alt-tab on Windows 10 :p

PS: DO NOT HAVE CF SHOWING ON BOTH DESKTOPS. That would defeat the purpose of having two desktops on the first place (and would get you stucked on CF screen until closure, yay!)


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