September 20th Update- Patch Notes


NightFall! Shadow Mode
There have been reports of unidentified movement on a rooftop of a government building containing highly confidential documents. Anyone who has gone to investigate has mysteriously gone missing, never to be seen again. Mercenaries assemble in the undisclosed location, in hopes to protect the confidential information that lay within the building. As they scout the area, blinded by the night's veil of darkness, an unknown inconspicuous force violently attacks.

[New Weapon Crates]
Vulcan Set A Crate
  • AK-47-Knife-Dual Mag-Vulcan
  • Kukri-Vulcan

Vulcan Set B Crate
  • M4A1-S-Dual Mag-Vulcan
  • Dual Colt 1911-Vulcan
  • Knife Vulcan

**** Patch Notes ****
*Bug fixes *

-Fixed an issue that caused an invalid item information error that could happen when obtaining the Wacky Summer Crate


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